“Over 10 billion views worldwide”, imase’s first CD album contains 19 songs!

imase, a 23-year-old artist from Gifu, Japan made his major label debut in music within just one year and became the first Japanese artist to appear and win at Korea's largest K-POP awards, MMA, and CCMA. His highly anticipated first album will be finally released.

The CD contains 19 songs in full volume, including "NIGHT DANCER" - which won Excellent Work Award at the 65th Japan Record Awards, streamed over 8 billion times in total and became the first J-POP song to be ranked in the Top 20 on the Korea streaming service Melon, "Have a nice day” and "Escape" - his representative songs from early days, “Demone Tamaniwa” – the commercial song for JT's “Hitoiki Shukan Series”, "Utopia" – the theme song for the movie "SAND LAND", and "Shine Out” - the latest ANESSA Global Campaign Song.

CD: *Common to all formats
3 Nagisa (ABEMA NEWS channel news program “ABEMA Prime” theme song)
4 Rainy Driver
5 18 (Suntory web video “Otona Jan・Koko Kara da ne 04” Edition theme song)
6 Demone Tamaniwa (JT “Hitoiki Shukan Series”jingle)
7 Midnight Girl (TV Tokyo drama series “Chaser Game W Power Harassment Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend” theme song)
8 Bokurada (NTT Docomo ahamo "Otona nan te Honto wa Inai. Jibun ni Naro.” jingle)
9 Koigoromo (KIRIN Gogo no Kocha “Samui noni Atatakai Milk Tea no Uta” campaign song)
10 Escape
11 LIT (GU 2024 Spring/Summer Season web commercial song)
12 Analog Life (TV Tokyo Thursday drama series 24 “Chaser Game” ending theme)
13 Happy Order? (McDonald's collaboration song)
14 I say bye (GLOBAL WORK commercial Utsuku Silhouette Pants wa, Machigai Nai Fuku. jingle)
15 Period (Kai grooming kit brand “AUGER” jingle)
16 Heroine (Global sushi chain “Genki Sushi”)Hong Kong TV commercial jingle)
17 Shine Out (ANESSA Global Campaign Song)
18 Utopia (The film “SAND LAND” theme song)
19 Have a nice day